Prices, Fees and Penalties


Registration fee

0 €

Pricing (per minute)

0,19 €

Stop-over fee (per minute)

0,05 €

Max. daily rate (per 24h) ¹

49 €

Liability reduction (per ride)

1 €


Airport fee

0 €

Credit Card chargeback

20 €

Processing of parking violation

15 €

Processing of traffic violations, misdemeanours, warning money and violation of the General Terms and Conditions

15 €

Processing of towing operations (plus towing costs as invoiced to UMI)

50 €

Handling costs if the vehicle is left outside home area

Minimum 500 €

Service drive to WeShare vehicle due to customers fault

100 €

Special cleaning of the vehicle due to a violation of the General Terms and Conditions (e.g. smoking in the car)

50 €

Processing of accidents and damages

50 €

Loss or damage of the charging card

50 €

Loss of charging cable

500 €

Blocking of car because of lost property

15 € (for two hours)

Sending out lost property by the WeShare team

15 € (mailing included)

Fee for retrieving lost items by the WeShare team

25 €

Battery completely empty or left with range below 20km (plus towing costs if necessary)

50 €


Customer lets a person who is not an authorized driver use the We share vehicle and/or discloses customer login data to any third party

500 €

Unauthorised trips across country borders

250 €

Misusage of charging-card

250 €

Relocation of cars that were parked wrong

50 €

Special cases - criminal offences

250 €

Activating the users private CarNet account in a WeShare car

150 €

  • Maximum rental is 72 hours at a time.

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