Prices, Fees and Penalties (Summer offer)


Registration fee: 0€

Pricing / Minute rate: 0,19€

Stop-over fee (per minute): 0,19€

Liability reduction/ per ride: 1€

Free minutes: 0


Credit Card chargeback: 20€

Processing of parking violation: 15€

Processing of traffic violations, misdemeanours, warning money and violation of the General Terms and Conditions: 15€

Processing of towing operations: 50€

Handling costs if the vehicle is left outside home area: 500€

Service drive to WeShare vehicle due to customers fault: 100€

Special cleaning of the vehicle due to a violation of the General Terms and Conditions: 50€

Processing of accidents and damages: 50€

Loss or damage of the charging card: 50€

Loss of charging cable: 500€

Blocking of car because of lost property: 15€ (for two hours)

Sending out lost property by the WeShare team: 15€ (mailing included)

Fee for retrieving lost items by the WeShare team: 25€

Battery completely empty (including towing) or left range below 20km: 50€


Customer lets a person who is not an authorized driver use the We share vehicle and/or discloses customer login data to any third party: 500€

Unauthorised trips across country borders: 250€

Misusage of charging-card: 250€

Relocation of cars that were parked wrong: 50€

Special cases - criminal offences: 250€

Activating the users private CarNet account in a WeShare car: 150€

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