Help & FAQ

  • Getting started

    • How do I register?

      You can register directly in the app. You must be at least 21 years old, live in a European country (EEC or Switzerland) and have had your driving license for at least a year. You will need to show your identity card or passport, an EU driver's license and a credit card. A videocall is only requested If you do have an older version of a driving licence or one of the documents was not clearly readable.

    • Starting your rental

      Just watch this video to find out how to reserve and unlock your car.

    • The car is dirty or damaged

      Oh, that's annoying! Please call our customer service. Just tap on the phone icon in the app.

    • How do I start the car?

      Push the brake pedal down and press the start button. Now the engine is running and you’re good to go.

    • Can I bring the kids?

      Of course! We provide a booster seat (4-12 years, 15-36 kg) in every e-Golf, so you and your kid can jump in anytime. If you want to drive with several and/or smaller children, please bring a suitable child seat with you.

    • Can I bring pets?

      Unfortunately, they’ll need to stay outside.

    • Connecting your mobile phone

      Yes, it's easy! Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth to the e-Golf by activating your smartphone’s Bluetooth. In the infotainment display of the e-Golf, select Home -> Phone -> Search phone -> Show results and then just select your phone. You may have to confirm the connection on your mobile phone. If you don't want to do this, you can also just connect using the USB interface. For this, you’ll need the Apple CarPlay App or the Android Auto App in addition to the appropriate cable. You can read more about this here.

  • Driving your e-Golf

    • Starting and driving

      1. Hold down the brake pedal with your foot and press the “Start Engine” button. 
      2. Move the gear stick from Neutral (N) into Drive (D) or Reverse (R). Push the gas pedal to move the car.
      3. You can save energy while driving by putting the gear stick in position B. This mode charges the battery whenever you lift your foot off the gas.
    • Daily rentals

      Good news: You can rent a WeShare car for up to 72 hours drive as much as you like without any mileage limit. Simply start your rental and keep driving – we automatically cap your fare at the maximum daily limit. Remember to choose “Stopover” to lock your car without ending your rental.

    • Leaving the city

      Feel free to drive outside of the city – just remember you’ll need to end your rental within the operating area. And don’t forget that you will need an internet connection to lock and unlock the car.

      Here are some tips for planning your trip:

      • You can charge the car for free at any of the charging stations shown in the Plugsurfing app (available for iOS & Android). Download it before you leave.
      • When you open the Plugsurfing app, look for the green pins to find vacant charging stations.
      • Fast charging stations let you charge the car quickly. Look for stations that are 50kW or more.
      • Pay attention to the cars’ signals when the battery is getting low.
      • Save battery by driving with the gear stick in the B position.
    • Can I travel across international borders?

      You are not allowed to cross the border with your e-Golf. Within Germany you can go wherever you want.

  • Parking

    • Where can I park?

      You can park wherever parking is permitted. However, you’ll always need to end your rental within the operating area. Please make sure that there are no restrictions (i.e. a no stopping zone) on the parking space for the next 72 hours. And remember: you will need an internet connection to lock and unlock the car. That’s why you’re not allowed to leave the car in garages or underground garages.

    • Using the Parking Assistant

      Parking can actually be fun! Watch this video to find out how to use the e-Golf Parking Assistant.

    • What about stopovers?

      Activate the “Stopover” mode in the app. Doing so locks the car. Leave the vehicle, do your thing and come back whenever you want. Ending the park mode unlocks the car doors, and you can continue driving.

    • Airports

      You can park for free at Berlin airports. In Schönefeld (SXF) you can find the parking space for car sharing vehicles in the northern part of parking lot P6. In Tegel (TXL) you can park at the rental car center on the top floor of the car park P2.  

      You do not need an extra parking ticket. When entering or leaving, drive very slowly towards the barrier and a sensor next to the barrier will detect the chip in the windshield. The barriers will then open automatically.

  • Charging

    • Unplug the charging cable

      Unlock the car and remove the cable: First from the vehicle, then from the charging station. If the cable can’t be disconnected, press the "Unlock" button next to the door handle on the driver's side. Simply stow the charging cable in the trunk – job’s done!

    • Charging the car

      You do not have to charge the car, we'll take care of that for you. Of course, if you just want to see how it works, or stay on the road for a while longer, you can charge the car yourself at any time.

      You can recharge at any of the charging stations that can be found through the “Plugsurfing” app (available for iOS and Android) at no extra costs.  

      1. Take the charging card out of the card slot in the glove box .
      2. Hold the card against signal symbol on the charging station.
      3. Find the charging cable in the trunk and connect the cable to the station.
      4. Connect the other side of the cable to the vehicle.
      5. The cable will be locked in place and the charging session starts (you’ll see a blinking green LED light next to the socket).
      6. Put the card back into the glove box in the upper card slot.
    • Fast charging

      Fast charging CCS stations allow you to fully charge your car in just 45 mins. You can use the “Plugsurfing” app (available for iOS and Android) to find fast charging stations on your route .

      1. Take the charging card out of the card holder in the glove box.
      2. Open the charging socket on the car and remove the plastic cover.
      3. Hold the card against the charging station.
      4. Connect the DC or CCS cable from the charging station to the vehicle. 
      5. The cable will be locked in place and the charging session starts (you’ll see green LED lights next to the socket).
      6. Put the card back into the glove box in the upper card slot.

      Once charging is finished:

      1. Unlock the car and remove the cable from the vehicle.
      2. If for some reason the cable is locked, unlock it by pressing the “unlock” central locking button next to the door handle on the driver’s side.
    • How long does it take to charge?

      With AC charging stations, also known as Type-2 stations, a complete charge takes about five hours.

      With a fast-charging DC or CCS stations (where the cable is attached directly to the charging station), charging only takes 45 minutes.

    • How can I earn credits?

      Get credits by charging or unplugging 

      Don't be afraid of charging stations - they are worth it! 

      If you charge the e-Golf, we will reward you with 6€ credits. That's how it works:  

      • You start your trip with a vehicle with a range of less than 50 km, or you reach a range of less than 50 km on your tour - both scenarios are possible. 
      • You can charge at any of the public charging stations that can be found through the “Plugsurfing” app at no extra costs.
      • At the end of your trip, you plug the e-Golf to a public charging station (you can find out how to do this under "Charging") 
      • Then you end the rental. */**

      You can also earn credits, if you unplug the e-Golf from the public charging station at the start of your trip. For this we will reward you with 3€ credits. That’s how it works:

      • You start your rental with a car that is plugged at the public charging station. 
      • You unplug the vehicle from the public charging station (you can find out how to do this  infos “Unplug the charging cable”). 
      • Afterwards start your journey and end it at another point (driving in a circle does not count).

      Your credits are valid for 90 days and are automatically redeemed on your next trip. Happy charging! 
      * Ending your rental at private parking lots is forbidden. 
      ** Charging at private charging stations is forbidden and you will not be earned credits.

  • Prices

    • Price per ride

      We’ll charge you €0.19 per minute and a €1 unlock fee per rental. Stopovers cost you €0,05 per minute until May 31st 2020.

    • Maximum day fare

      Maximum daily rental will not exceed €38 plus the €1 unlock fee. You can rent a car for up to 3 days (72 hours) without any mileage limit. This means our automatic pricing will be effective a total three times – which makes it 3x€38 plus €1 per rental. If you want to park during your journey, remember to use the stopover button to lock your car, instead of ending the rental.

  • If something goes wrong

    • Had an accident?

      The priority in case of an accident is to get yourself to safety, and to provide first aid if necessary. If it’s possible, secure the scene of the accident, and call the police as soon as you can. Then call customer support via the help button in the WeShare app or on +49 30 240 202 10 and we’ll tell you what to do next.

    • Am I insured?

      You are always on the safe side with us. In addition, we charge € 1 for each rent - so we can reduce the excess in the event of damage from € 1,050 to € 450. This results in a reduction of liability for damage to the We Share vehicle in your favor, which corresponds to a fully comprehensive insurance including partial coverage with a deductible, as stated in our terms and conditions. The sum insured is up to € 15 million per injured person in case of personal injury.

    • Speeding tickets and other fines

      Even though we strongly recommend that you obey the traffic rules while driving with WeShare, we’re all human and mishaps can happen. In the event of this happening, you don't need to do anything – we’ll deal with the authorities and get in touch with you regarding the details. Here are the most common driving offence fees at a glance:

      • Processing of parking offences: €15
      • Processing of administrative offences, traffic offences, warnings and violations of the terms and conditions: €15
      • Processing of towing operations (per offense, plus further debiting of the third party’s towing invoice): €50
      • You can find the full list of fees for everything that could possibly go wrong while driving here.
    • Lost property

      Just call our customer service team on +49 30 240 202 10 or press the phone button in the app; we'll help as best we can to get your things back. Also, if you yourself find anything in a vehicle while driving it, please inform us - another member will be grateful for your help.

    • My phone has died!

      No big deal. If you have a charging cable with you, you can charge your mobile phone easily and conveniently via the USB socket in your car. If not, you can call customer service on +49-30-240 202 10 from any other phone, and they will end the rental for you.

    • Why can’t I end my rental?

      If you are unable to end your booking, please call our customer service. Just tap the phone symbol in the app or dial +49 30 240 202 10 – and our customer service will end the rental for you. 

      You might check these points first, then your problem may solve itself:

      • Is the engine really off?
      • All doors and windows closed?
      • Is the loading card in its upper slot in the glove box?
      • Is the car within the business area?
      • Does your phone have reception?
  • About WeShare

    • What is WeShare

      WeShare is a 100% electric car sharing service in Berlin; and because we believe that other cities will also benefit from shared electric mobility, we are already working on bringing our service to even more European cities.

    • Which vehicles do you have?

      WeShare has around 1,500 e-Golf will be on the roads of Berlin for you to use. Here are a couple of facts about it. In the following months, our electric fleet will grow to 2,000 vehicles and include smaller electric cars like the e-Up!

    • Are all WeShare cars electric?

      Yes, our entire fleet runs on electricity. That’s because the electric engine is simply the best automotive solution for the city.

    • So, what’s this all about?

      Quite simply; less is more! Sharing cars means less noise, less dirt, more space. This works particularly well in urban areas as it allows urbanites to stay mobile without having to worry about their own vehicles. And to avoid the city air from becoming more polluted, we rely on electric cars.

Didn’t find the right answer? We are here to help!

WeShare is waiting for you. Our app is available in your store.

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