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  • Hi, we're WeShare

    • What is WeShare?

      WeShare is a 100% electric car sharing service in Berlin; and because we believe that other cities will also benefit from shared electric mobility, we are already working on bringing our service to even more European cities.

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    • Which vehicles do you have?

      When WeShare launches, around 1,500 e-Golf will be on the roads of Berlin for you to use. Here are a couple of facts about it. In the following months, our electric fleet will grow to 2,000 vehicles and include smaller electric cars like the e-Up!

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    • Are all WeShare cars electric?

      Yes, our entire fleet runs on electricity. That’s because the electric engine is simply the best automotive solution for the city.

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    • So, what's all this about?

      Quite simply; less is more! Sharing cars means less noise, less dirt, more space. This works particularly well in urban areas as it allows urbanites to stay mobile without having to worry about their own vehicles.  And to avoid the city air from becoming more polluted, we rely on electric cars.

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    • And who is UMI Urban Mobility International GmbH?

      WeShare is a service of UMI Urban Mobility International GmbH, and UMI is a sub-subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. WeShare is our first mobility solution, but more are set to follow in the future.

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  • Getting started: registration and costs

    • What is a Volkswagen ID and why do I need it

      The Volkswagen ID gives you access to all of Volkswagen’s digital offers. This is particularly useful if you want to use other services besides WeShare; one account, so many options.

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    • How can I register with WeShare?

      All you need is the app! Then, just have your ID, EU driver's licence and credit card ready and follow the instructions. You’ll be ready to go in no time! If you have an old version of your driver's licence, or a passport or identity card without a registration address, you will need an additional proof of address such as a registration certificate or utilities bill. In such cases, our customer service team will take care of your request via a video-call. You can also check out this tutorial to see how the registration works.

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    • Do I have to pay to register?

      We’ve got some good news: registration is free of charge at the moment. Make sure to keep an eye on all future activations and discounts though.

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    • How much do I pay for the rental?

      We’ll charge you €0.19 per minute and a €1 fee per rental.

      Maximum daily rental will not exceed €39. It will take effect automatically the moment your rental reaches €38. Add these €38 to the €1 fee for excess reduction in the event of damage – €39 it is!

      An example: It’s 12 p.m. and you set off for a trip to the lake. You then decide to make it an overnight stay and arrive back home at 11.58 a.m. the next day. The total price will be €39 as our 24-hour rate will apply automatically from minute 200 onwards. Exceeding the 24-hour rental? The per-minute price will be in effect again – until the daily rate is more beneficial for you.

      Total maximum rental period is 72 hours at a time. This means our automatic pricing will be effective a total three times – which makes it 3x€38 plus €1 per rental.

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    • Where can I get the WeShare app?

      The WeShare app is free and available for Android or iOS. Download it either via the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

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    • How do I verify my driver’s licence?

      No worries, you won't have to do go anywhere! We'll check your driver's license and ID card as part of our registration process in the app.

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    • Who is allowed to use WeShare?

      Anyone who is 21 years or older, has held an EU driver's licence for at least 1 year and can provide a valid registered address in Germany. For technical reasons in our validation process we are are only able to accept the following IDs and passports.

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    • Where can I find the small print?

      Before you register, you’ll need to read the general terms of use and data policy, and confirm that you have done so. If you want to read them again at a later point, you can do so via the app or here.

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    • Why do I have to pay an additional €1 per rental?

      We charge an additional €1 for each rental which allows us to reduce your excess from €1,050 to €450 in the event of damage. This decision is based on our wish to offer you the most possible carefree ride.

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  • Let's drive: reserve, drive, park

    • How do I reserve my car?

      Start the app and, if you aren’t already, log in. You’ll then see all the available cars in your area - the app will automatically show you the car closest to you but if you prefer, you can also choose an alternative vehicle. Tap on the reserve button; now all you have to do is go to the car and start the rental. For more info, check out this video - it briefly explains everything you need to know.

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    • How do I start the rental?

      As soon as you’ve reached your e-golf, tap the ‘Start rental’ button. We advise you to check the car for damages before starting the rental. If you find any damages please call customer service to report them.

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    • How do I open the vehicle?

      You won't need a key - that would be much too  impractical. When you start the rental, the car doors unlock automatically.

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    • Can I rent and park WeShare cars at airports?

      You certainly can!

      Our parking lots at Schönefeld airport (SXF) can be found with the other car sharing cars north on P6.

      Our parking lot at Tegel airport (TXL) can be found on the upper deck of parking deck P2. Please make sure to slowly approach the barriers so that the parking sensor next to the barrier can easily detect the chip on the windscreen. The barriers will open automatically, you do not need an extra ticket.

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    • Can I connect my mobile phone with the car?

      Yes, it's easy! Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth to the e-Golf by activating your smartphone’s Bluetooth. In the infotainment display of the e-Golf, select Home -> Phone -> Search phone -> Show results and then just select your phone. You may have to confirm the connection on your mobile phone. If you don't want to do this, you can also just connect using the USB interface. For this, you’ll need the Apple CarPlay App or the Android Auto App in addition to the appropriate cable. You can read more about this here.

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    • Where’s the ignition key?

      Nowhere - because there isn’t one! You start the engine by pushing the brake pedal and simultaneously pressing the start/stop button to the left of the gear knob. You’ll hear a ringtone alerting you that the engine is running. The lack of engine noise is no cause for concern: electric vehicles are extremely quiet. The digital cockpit will let you know that the car is ready to drive. If you want to save energy while driving, you can switch on the “recuperation mode” (all you need to do is change gear to ‘B’).

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    • How do I make a stopover?

      First of all, park the car. You’ll need to make sure that a radio connection is still available - so best to avoid underground garages. Activate the park mode in the app, and you’ll see the function on your active screen. Leave the vehicle, do your thing and come back whenever you want. Ending the park mode unlocks the car doors, and you can continue driving.

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    • Where can I park the car?

      You can park wherever parking is permitted; be that at a lake, or in Uncle Bob's driveway. However, you’ll always need to end your rental within the operating area. Please make sure that there are no restrictions (i.e. a no stopping zone) on the parking space for the next 72 hours.  The most important thing to be aware of when parking, is that we always need to be able to locate the car. Certain garages are therefore not suitable for a stopover; the app will inform you if that's the case.

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    • Can I also park for free in paid-parking zones?

      Yes, it's included in the rental. You don't need to get a parking ticket.

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    • What do I do if I have an accident?

      The priority in case of an accident is to get yourself to safety, and to provide first aid if necessary. If it’s possible, secure the scene of the accident, and call the police as soon as you can. Then you can contact customer service via the button in the WeShare app or on +49 30 240 202 10; we’ll tell you what to do next. There is also a video tutorial here.

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    • Oops, my mobile phone’s dead!

      No big deal. If you have a charging cable with you, you can charge your mobile phone easily and conveniently via the USB socket in your car. If not, you can call customer service on +49-30-240 202 10 from any other phone, and they will end the rental for you.

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    • What happens if I get a ticket or caught speeding?

      Even though we strongly recommend that you obey the traffic rules while driving with WeShare, we’re all human and mishaps can happen. In the event of this happening, you don't need to do anything – we’ll deal with the authorities and get in touch with you regarding the details. Here are the most common driving offence fees at a glance:

      • Processing of parking offences: €15
      • Processing of administrative offences, traffic offences, warnings and violations of the terms and conditions: €15
      • Processing of towing operations (per offense, plus further debiting of the third party’s towing invoice): €50

      You can find the full list of fees for everything that could possibly go wrong while driving here.

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    • Wait a minute, this car is totally filthy!

      That’s annoying. We regularly clean our cars, so the problem will take care of itself. If your e-Golf is unusable in this condition, please call customer service via the phone button in the app or on +49-30-240 202 10.

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    • How do I end the rental?

      Via the app. Tap on the ‘End rental’ button displayed on your active screen - the car windows and doors must be closed for this. Don’t forget to check that you have all your luggage.

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    • And where do I end the rental?

      At any public parking within the operating area. Please also make sure that there are no restrictions (i.e. a no stopping zone) on the parking space for the next 72 hours.

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    • Can I bring the kids?

      Of course! We provide a booster seat (4-12 years, 15-36 kg) in every e-Golf, so you and your kid can jump in anytime. If you want to drive with several and/or smaller children, please bring a suitable child seat with you.

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    • What about my pets?

      Unfortunately, they’ll need to stay outside.

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    • How far does the business area extend?

      Your app shows you at a glance where you can rent and park our cars.

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    • Can I travel outside of the business area?

      Of course! After all, there are times when you want to escape the city, or go and visit Grandma. However, outside the operating area you can only make a stopover when parking - to end the rental completely you need to be within the operating area.

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    • What do I do if I’ve left something in the car?

      Just call our customer service team on +49 30 240 202 10 or press the phone button in the app; we'll help as best we can to get your things back. Also, if you yourself find anything in a vehicle while driving it, please inform us - another member will be grateful for your help.

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    • What is the maximum rental for the e-Golf?

      Maximum rental is 72 hours at a time.

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    • Can I use the e-Golf cross-border?

      Unfortunately not. Feel free to drive to any place within Germany though.

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  • Charging: at the charging station

    • Do I have to charge the e-Golf myself?

      No, we'll take care of that for you. Easy, comfortable and no extra costs. Of course, if you just want to see how it works, or stay on the road for a while longer, you can charge the car yourself at any time. An illustration on the charging card in the glove compartment explains how it works. Or take a quick look at this tutorial. It’s important that you always insert the charging card back into the slot after charging, or you won't be able to lock the car.

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    • Yikes, the car's attached to a charging station!

      It might be the case that your reserved car has just been charged. In that case, here's what you do: start the rental, and the charger plug will unlock itself. Open the charging flap and pull out the plug, first from the vehicle, then from the charging station. Now all you have to do is put the charging cable in the boot – job’s done!

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    • How long does the charging process take?

      To be exact; with 7 kWh type-2 charging stations (the cable is in the trunk), a complete charge takes about five hours. With a quick-charging CCS station (where the cable is attached directly to the charging station), charging only takes 45 minutes.

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    • Where do I recharge when I’m on the road for a bit longer?

      You can recharge at any of the EV charging stations that can be found through the “Plugsurfing” app (available for iOS and Android). The charging card can be found in the glovebox. Weekend trips saved! Our customer care team will check in with you on longer trips.

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  • Things to consider: account and insurance

    • How am I insured with WeShare?

      You are always on the safe side with us. In addition, we charge € 1 for each rent - so we can reduce the excess in the event of damage from € 1,050 to € 450. This results in a reduction of liability for damage to the We Share vehicle in your favor, which corresponds to a fully comprehensive insurance including partial coverage with a deductible, as stated in our terms and conditions. The sum insured is up to € 15 million per injured person in case of personal injury.

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    • How do I pay for my rides?

      You can pay with your credit card.

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    • When will the trip be debited from my account?

      Right after you finish the rental.

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    • How do I delete my account? Where do I change my details?

      You can change your payment details via the app itself. For everything else, just write us an email at:

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    • Can I lend the car to a friend?

      No. Never. Never. Ever.

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    • Why can’t you use my existing credit for the €1 fee or possible tickets?

      Some costs connected to your booking cannot be offset against your credit. Example: You have a credit of €5 in your WeShare app and take a trip for a total of €4. €3 will be subtracted from your existing credit. €1 for excess reduction in the event of damage will be charged through your preferred method of payment. These costs cannot be paid via your credit. Same goes for speeding tickets.

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  • Let go: Good reasons for choosing WeShare

    • Why should I drive with WeShare?

      Because electric mobility makes our cities quieter and cleaner; because sharing instead of owning a vehicle saves you money, time and effort; because sharing is the future; because we have such lovely customer service and awesome cars; and because we allow you to stay mobile, yet also independent.

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    • Do you see yourself in competition with public transportation?

      We see ourselves as a valuable addition. Moving efficiently through a big city doesn’t mean always relying on the same mode of transport, right? Sometimes you need a bike, sometimes the train, and sometimes a car. Or a combination of various modes of transport: your way, your decision.

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    • What do I save compared to my own car?

      Naturally, that depends on how much you drive and which car you own. As an example, let's say you buy a 5-year-old compact car for €5,000 and drive 5,000 kilometres a year. If you take into account the average cost for insurance and maintenance of around €500 each, plus petrol costs of around €500, and then consider the residual value of the car, you pay about 50 cents per kilometre in your own car. Source

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    • How can I contact you if I have more questions?

      By telephone via the telephone symbol in the app, at +49 30 240 202 10 or by email at If you need help or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, anytime.

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