Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small dataset stored on your device that stores data such as personal page settings and credentials. This record is generated and sent to you by the web server to which you are connected via your web browser. In general, we use cookies to analyze the interest in our websites and to improve our websites. You can also access our websites without cookies. Do you want to use our web pages in full or cookies, the use of certain features to make the use more comfortable?

The cookies we use can be found in the overview below. 

By using our web pages you agree, as far as cookies are accepted according to your browser settings, with the use of these cookies. Most browsers are set to accept all cookies. However, you must be able to enable your browser to accept only certain cookies.

Please note that the changes to the settings always only affect the respective browser. If you use different browsers or change the terminal, the settings must be changed again. Cookies can be deleted at any time from your storage medium. For information about the cookie settings, their modification and the deletion of cookies, please refer to the help function of your web browser.

Below are the types of cookies used for your understanding:

1. Persistent or protocol cookies

A permanent partner or protocol cookie. These cookies are reminiscent of your information and settings. This leads to a faster and more convenient access, since you z. For example, you will not have to change your language setting for our portal again. Upon expiration, the cookie will be automatically deleted when you visit the website that created it.

2. Third party cookies

Third-party cookies come from providers other than the operator of the website. They can be used to collect information for advertising, specific content, and web statistics.

The following cookies are used on this website:

Cookie NameUsageDurationCookie Type
_gaUsed to distinguish users2 yearsThird party cookie
_gatUsed to throttle request rate1 minuteThird party cookie
_gidUsed to distinguish users24 hoursThird party cookie
languageUsed to save the users preferred languageUnlimitedPermanent cookie
_fbpFacebook tracking cookie used to deliver a series of advertisement products.UnlimitedThird party cookie
AF_BANNERS_SESSION_ID; AF_FREQUENCY_CAPPINGThis cookies prevent the banner from being repeatedly displayed after the user has already seen it.UnlimitedThird party cookie

We use cookies (proprietary and third-party) to help you use our web pages and to display advertisements in line with your browser settings. With the further use of our web pages, you agree with the use of the cookies. For more information about cookies, please see our Cookie Policy