2,300 company cars. 0 emissions. Car sharing with WeShare Business​

Reduce your costs and environmental impact in one. WeShare Business is a simple and cost-effective way to offer your team sustainable mobility,​ with access to a 100% electric fleet across Berlin and Hamburg. No emissions. No hassle.
Why WeShare for Business?

Company car out. Car sharing in.

Save, sustainably

A ride with WeShare costs much less than a taxi or company car. In fact, more than half as much.

No more CO!

1,000km of driving by your team leaves 131.200* CO₂ in the air. With WeShare, it's zero.

(Way) easier admin

Your team books the cars and you get one invoice each month. It’s that simple.

Actions, not just words

With sustainable mobility as a benefit​, you keep your team happy and attract bright minds.
Truly sustainable

Take responsibility
for your city

Just being electric isn't enough for us. Our cars run on 100% green electricity. The ID.3 is already climate neutral when it rolls out of the factory. Together with you and your team, we can make our beautiful cities a little cleaner, quieter and more liveable (and loveable).

Surprise! No surprises.

With WeShare you have full transparency: one price per minute, per ID model, around the clock, plus €1 per trip. Our affordable day rate is applied automatically when you reach that price, no need to book. This way, you make considerable savings compared to taxis and rental cars.

The ID.3 - zippy and nippy

WeShare business
The ID.3

€0.29 /min

+ €1 per trip
€0.29 /min stopover

€58 /24h*

incl. 100 km, extra kms €0.29 /km

The ID.4 - roomy and zoomy

WeShare business
The ID.4

€0.34 /min

+ €1 per trip
€0.34 /min stopover

€68 /24h*

incl. 100 km, extra kms €0.34 /km
* From 01.03.2022, daily rates go up €5.

Good for
your company

Tread lighter: by shrink your company’s carbon footprint and help us on our mission to reduce congestion, noise and pollution for a more sustainable future.
Simplify invoicing: imagine just having one invoice per month instead of a mountain of separate ones to wade through. That’s how it works with us. More time for other things. Fewer grey hairs.
Cut company travel costs in half​: no more eye-watering taxi rides. Use car sharing and you reduce costs by over 50%.
Gain clarity: see all trips and costs in real time on your WeShare dashboard, down to the exact minute and location.

Good for
your employees

Get around, guilt free: nip around your city without emissions. Flexible and CO₂ free, WeShare makes every work day a bit greener.
Use our cars for work and play​​: want to use WeShare for private trips too? Switch to your personal profile in just one click.
Ease airport trips: no more taxi queues or searching for a parking place. Just park, lock and walk right in with a smile on your face.
Say goodbye to paperwork: all that time collecting and submitting business travel receipts? Spend it on your actual work instead.
Find an e-car just around the corner: 2.300 new Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 in Berlin and Hamburg – with  a reach of up to 520km in one charge.

For employees

For employers