For cleaner Berliner Luft 100% electric car sharing in Berlin

WeShare brings 100% electric car sharing to your Kiez. So you stay mobile but flexible at the same time. Drive off from €0.19/min, with zero emissions.
It's easy peasy

Get App, Book car, Go.

Operating area
There are 1,500 electric cars waiting for you to take them for a spin. Drive to your friend, Orthopädie or favourite lake, and when you’re done just leave it in a public parking spot within our operating area.

From Spree to See the electric way

Your prices

From 1 minute to 10 days. Pricing to suit your plans.

With WeShare you have full transparency: you just choose between two pricing plans. Either you do nothing – and drive with standard rates. Or you activate WeShare+ in the app and save on every trip, with every car, on both minute prices and packages.

Standard rates €0 /month

From €0.25 /min

+ €1 per trip
Stopover = same as minute price

From €0.30 /min

+ €1 per trip
Stopover = same as minute price

WeShare+ €9.90 /month


From €0.19 /min

+ €1 per trip
Stopover = €0.09 /min

From €0.23 /min

+ €1 per trip
Stopover = €0.09  /min

Bright lights
clean city

Living in a city is fun, buzzy, dirty and noisy. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could get rid of the dirty and noisy bit? Shared e-Mobility is one small step for urbankind. Fewer fumes, less congestion, and an all-round more comfortable place to live. Better for Berlin. And for you.
Our fleet

The ID.3 – from whoosh to wow

From workout to work, from Kita to curry house: our nimble, compact ID.3 brings you swiftly and easily through the city. And because it charges quickly, it also likes to take you on longer trips.
425 km range
9,6 sec 0-100 km/h
30 min fast charge
385 l luggage space
1 booster seat

The ID.4 – go on, just one more

Another friend, another suitcase, another picture frame from the fleamarket? The ID.4 can handle it. It also has a solid 520 km range and adds a touch of luxury to your everyday trips.
520 km range
8,5 sec 0-100 km/h
30 min fast charge
543 l luggage space
1 booster seat
Get out of town

Sometimes Berlin looks better in the rearview mirror

There are 3,000 lakes in and around Berlin. It’s time to start ticking them off. You can keep your WeShare for up to 10 days for trips from Brandenburg to Bavaria, with charging included. Go on: go wild.

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