We electrify cities

WeShare is a 100% electric car sharing service owned by UMI (Urban Mobility International GmbH). UMI is owned by Volkswagen. Volkswagen gives us resources and ideas to support our mobility concept. Then we go do our thing. We’re a bit like a startup, but without the chaos (mostly). Join us for the ride?

Our journey so far

Our team

Who are we?

People. We’re a diverse team of product, tech, operations, finance, marketing, sales, people and culture experts from 24 corners of the world.

Place. We’re based in Berlin, at Alexanderplatz, and have a fleet in Hamburg too. However, we’re a family friendly company that values work-life balance and many of us make use of our remote working policy. We’ve been working like this since 2019.

Set-up. UMIs are organised into six different chapters but we often work in cross-functional teams, so agility, proactive learning and openness to new experiences are key to success at UMI.




employees in Jul 2022
(from 4 in Jul 2018)
Our culture

What’s it like at UMI?

Flat. Titles and rank may play a part in some settings, but here at UMI, we value everybody’s experience, creativity, ideas and openness and keep hierarchies flat.

Open. We offer regular feedback loops (including 180s and 360s) and peer-supported training. We appreciate proactive learning on the job and a readiness to share your learnings – whether about your role, our customers or where we can do better.

Involved. We have a strong culture of engagement and ownership and encourage UMIs to raise ideas and participate in decision making. To facilitate this, we’ve organised our teams in a way that makes it easy to share ideas across chapters, and have created internal platforms such as our companywide retrospective.


get to work by
car sharing


get to work by
bike or scooter


get to work by
public transport and train
(from MOBIKO report, July 2022)
Our values

What do we stand for?

These three values define our interactions with each other, our customers and the environment. You’ll be a good fit if you embody these and are able to take ownership of your employee and learning journey.
Your benefits

What’s in it for you?

In exchange for your time and passion, we offer many opportunities to shape the future of your role, chapter and work experience. 
These are just some:
Our hiring process

How do you get a job here?

Applications shouldn’t be stressful. To make it a little less intimidating, here’s our hiring process laid out for you, with some helpful tips from the People team. It usually takes 3-4 weeks from sending us your CV to opening your very own UMI laptop.