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It’s serious fun.

WeShare and WeDrive is owned by UMI. UMI is owned by Volkswagen. And with Volkswagen comes the resources and ideas to reailize UMI’s mobility concept. We’re a bit like a startup, but without the chaos (mostly). Join us for the ride?

We dream,
then we do

More and more people are moving to cities. But the urban landscape needs to improve if we want be happy living in it. That means more breathing room, cleaner air, more green space and less noise. We’re making a start, but we need you to help us do more, all the way into the future. Not just with Facebook comments and Instagram likes, but actual action.

e-Cars for all

WeShare is 100% electric car sharing in Berlin, Hamburg and, soon, other European cities. What’s the point? Electric mobility is good for the environment, saves space on our streets and is economical. We believe we’re making cities, and the world, a little bit better.
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e-Golfs on tap

WeDrive is the e-Golf whenever you want it, paid for monthly. All fixed costs are included, and you turn it off whenever you like, so you can enjoy the feeling of owning a car, while not owning car.
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WeCare about
our people

Mobility budget

To help you get through the city, and get to know our product, we give you money towards city mobility. And you can use this for other mobility services too.

Decent pay

We believe hard work should be properly rewarded. This doesn’t just mean fruit boxes and gym memberships, it means adequate salaries.

30 vacation days

Even with so much sustainability, you still need to recharge your battery every so often. That’s why we give you more holidays than the legal minimum.

Just call it
New Work.

We like doing things a bit differently. We have a “no rank, no title” culture for example, to minimize the pedantry. Flexible working hours and the chance to work from home go without saying, as do diversity and a family friendly working environment.
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